Marketing Fundamentals: Strategy to Results

18 Seats Available


Learn practical marketing skills to amplify your strategy, plan campaigns, and measure success.

Dates: 17th and 18th July 2024, 08h00 to 16h30
Location: 3 Portman Avenue, Bryanston, 2191
What You Need: Laptop
Limited Seats: 18

The interactive 2-day sessions combine business best marketing practices with case studies to learn about what is needed for marketing execution to amplify the strategy and get results. This interactive workshop goes beyond theory, guiding you from ideas to tangible results.

This intensive 2-day marketing course bridges the gap between strategy and action. Learn from industry experts and real-world case studies as you gain practical skills and learn about:

  • South African Economic Groups, their unique characteristics, and trends.
  • Marketing fundamentals: Build a solid foundation in key marketing concepts and practices. Learn to develop a consumer profile, identify a consumer insight, and build a brand pyramid.
  • Write a brief: Learn how to communicate your marketing needs to agencies effectively.
  • Develop an activity plan to address Marketing Priorities.
  • Learn how to build a Brand Plan using the workshopped case study.
  • Guest speakers: Gain exposure to industry experts and their experiences.
  • Exercises: Apply learning through individual and group activities.

18 Seats Available

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