What is LinkedIn

What’s LinkedIn and Why is it Important?

LinkedIn is a business networking site that allows professionals to network with previous and current colleagues and industry peers. This has the dual purpose of raising the profile of yourself and your organisation.

  • It is a great way for entrepreneurs to network with your current client base and ask for recommendations to generate new business. You can also connect to potential customers and highlight your company’s offer through your personal or business page.
  • For professionals, it allows you to keep in contact with past colleagues and is also used as a platform for head-hunters to find a wide spectrum of candidates. LinkedIn additionally has a jobs tab that has gained tremendous popularity in the last couple of years. It is one of the key tools that potential employers and head hunters utilise to attract and recruit candidates. It is recommended that you look at the roles at least once a week if you are actively on the job market.
  • For Corporates, it provides a platform to showcase your company’s purpose, culture, innovation, CSI initiatives, leadership messages and more.

Tips to Making Your Profile look Good if you are on the Job Market

  • Make sure you have a professional photo so potential clients or head-hunters can get a feel of who they are dealing with.
  • Target 60-80 contacts from your previous and current roles as this organically builds a career history.
  • Ask for recommendations where you have worked well together. This gives head-hunters a greater understanding of who you are.
  • Go onto LinkedIn at least twice a week and Like and share articles that are interesting on your news feed. A comment adds some personality, so even a “Love this! 💗” or “#MakingADifference”, “#FutureTrends” and tagging friends that might like the article can raise your profile to recruiters and organisations.
  • Join some industry groups within LinkedIn and try to Like, Share or comment on articles.
  • Lastly, leverage your network. If you know someone at a company you would like to work for, or see a job posted and you have connections in common, InMail them with your PDF one-page profile. Show your passion for the company and ask if they could pass you on to HR or the team lead for the role. You never know what can come from reaching out!

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